Burt Dumond Helicopter Team Leader

Getting Started with R/C Helicopters:  


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From MICRO to MEGA, from ELECTRIC to NITRO powered, when it comes to RADIO CONTROLLED HELICOPTERS we have and fly them all.  Electric HELI’S can be flown both outdoors and indoors depending on the size of the machine and the amount of space you have to fly safely. Nitro and gas powered machines should only be flown outdoors.

Your First Heli:

Co-axial type (dual rotor) helicopters, like the Blade mCX2 on the right, are the easiest and most stable to fly but are limited in performance. This type of machine should be flown indoors or possibly outdoors under no wind conditions only.

After You Learn to Fly:

Trex Flying Inverted


Conventional type (single rotor and powered tail) helicopters, like the ones at the top of this page, are a bit trickier to fly. Some of these machines, like the T-Rex 700, flying inverted here, are highly maneuverable with unlimited aerobatic capabilities. They can be flown under any conditions only limited by the pilot’s ability and nerves. So before you buy any helicopter, whether you are a beginner or advanced pilot, come talk to Burt and the crew. We’ll make sure you get the right machine so you can have a heli of a good time flying.



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